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One of the many strengths of the Absorb LMS is the ability to combine a wide variety of content types together to achieve a single learning outcome.

Absorb LMS allows you to create two types of courses, Online Courses which are primarily used for the delivery of asynchronous web based content and Instructor Led Courses (also referred to as ILCs) that manage the scheduling of live training. (These ILC sessions can be delivered through a physical classroom or an online meeting tool such a GoToMeeting or WebEx.)

All courses can also include Course Uploads, a section in any course that allows administrators to request required items that a learner must upload in order to complete a course. Course Uploads could include some written work , certificates from external courses or other material required to complete the course.

You can create blended learning opportunities for your learners by combining these options in a variety of ways and we have provide two examples below. 

Example 1

In this first example, the Admin has created a Curriculum to deliver the blended program.  This flexible option allows the learner to develop their leadership skills through an ILC that holds several Sessions and a required Course Upload followed by an online Absorb Assessment.


When the learner selects the ILC, they are presented with two class options so that they can choose the specific date and time of the session that works best for them.  


The second tab of their ILC indicates that a Course Upload has been added to the ILC.  This Course Upload section is where the learner will upload a certificate they receive from a mandatory 2 day management series taken at an outside agency. Once the Admin reviews the uploaded certificate to the ILC, they can mark it as complete and this will then complete the Curriculum requirements.  


Example 2

You might also choose to deliver blended learning through a single Online Course.  You can do this by adding several different learning objects to the syllabus. For example, you can create an Online Course that contains an .MP4 video, a Tin Can course, an PDF and even a Course Upload.  

In the sample below, the Admin has created an Online Course on Delivering Effective Feedback with two Chapters.  These Chapters each deliver different Learning Objects - a Video and a SCORM eLearning.  


The second tab of the Online Course includes a Course Upload.  Once the learner uploads the essay about their application of the concepts in eLearning, the Admin can approve the Course Upload.  


Because the Admin has set up a Certificate for this Online Course, once the Course Upload has been approved,  the learner will be granted a certificate automatically.


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