Managing Recertification


By default, Users will have access to a piece of course content indefinitely. This means that learners can return to their online content to review it at their convenience as often as they want. The exceptions to this are when the user is un-enrolled by an Administrator, or if a course or curricula expiry is set up to limit their access. However, this type of review does not result in a new enrollment or the awarding of a new certificate.

In order for Users to recertify, and take a course or curricula again, the course or curricula must award a certificate, and that certificate must expire. Once you have enabled those options, you can select the time period in which the user can re-enroll. This time frame can be based off of their original completion date, or a time before their certificate expires.

Once Users have entered the re-enrollment period, they will be able to re-enroll in the item to take it again. Alternatively, if you choose to use Time before certificate expires here, you can specify that Users be re-enrolled automatically.

You can also re-enroll Users in courses manually as an Admin. This is particularly useful if a certificate expiry model was not planned at the time the course or curricula was initially deployed. This is done most conveniently through Course Enrollments or User Enrollments. Of course, an Admin can re-enroll a user at any time, regardless of the re-enrollments settings found at the course or curricula levels.

It is important to note that while a user may have only one active enrollment in each course at a given time, any prior enrollments are moved to a historical status and can still be viewed within the reports of the Admin interface.

Lastly, the Certificates Report provides you with a convenient location to determine who holds a certificate, identify Users whose certificates are about to expire, and edit or print any previously awarded certificates.

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