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Getting Users to engage with learning content available in your portal, and reporting on Learner activity to confirm that your organization’s efforts are working can easily be managed from within Absorb’s Admin UI. System Admins can choose to do this however best suits them, but we’ll cover the awarding of Competencies and Credits, leveraging these with the Mercury module, and using reporting in order to determine how successful these initiatives are.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Mercury module, competencies, or credits, we recommend viewing their respective articles within the Knowledge Base first. They will provide a better look at how everything words individually, as this article is only intended to provide a look at how they can all work together.

Starting from the Learner UI, you will typically see a billboard, front and center. This could be used to advertise a newly available Leaderboard that is currently running. The Billboard can be set up to link users that click on it to a News Article that covers the details of what the Leaderboard is all about. While in some cases it might be preferable to have users directed directly to the Leaderboard, having them directed to the News Article can provide some additional context about the Leaderboard. Admins can take the time to introduce learners to it, and explain how they can earn points, and increase their standings in relations to their peers and other learners. Of course, Leaderboards can be set up with availability rules, so you will want to ensure that the same availability rules apply to the news article to alleviate any confusion that might otherwise bubble up for those who aren't able to participate. 

With the News Article explaining how learners can participate and increase their standings, learners can get engaged and rewarded for getting through learning content that might otherwise go unnoticed, or have them complete a new course sooner rather than later.

From the perspective of an admin, it's possible to check in and see how users are doing with maintaining their learning momentum. Allowing a forum like course comments can be complementary here, as those who get the bug of friendly competition can cheer each other on. Absorb's many options for reporting can further indicate progress and completion of courses for particular groups to ensure that your initiatives are working as expected. 

For example, checking the Course Activity report, and then filtering the completions by Date Completed can provide some insight for admins. This will let admins and reporters see how many completions there were after the start date of the Leaderboard. The data should be indicative of a rise in learning, but it's recommended to keep an eye on this report and others in order to actively monitor and adjust initiatives as needed.

While there are numerous ways to get Users engaged in learning content, hopefully this lesson has provided some inspiration of how you can engage with your own Users in Absorb.

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