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While our article about Learning Object: Surveys provides an overview of Surveys, we’re going to look at how they can be used to automate data entry. Before diving right in, you will want to set up custom fields for any data that you are looking to obtain from your learners. This will reduce the time spent setting up a survey lesson object, as you will not have to move back and forth from Portal Settings.  

Once your custom fields are set up, you can move onto creating or editing an online course. In the the course editor, you will find that the setting can be chosen under the Options tab, for a Survey object lesson. Enabling 'Use Answer Based Actions' provides admins the option to choose a Custom Field to which a User’s answer will be saved. This the first step in achieving automation with surveys in Absorb. 

Once enabled, you can move onto the  Questions tab, and set up a question if one does not already exist. As an example question, you could request information from the user as to what their license number is. From the Custom Field drop-down, you can choose from any of the Custom Fields set up in your portal. Following our example through, you will want to this to a License Number Custom Field that would have been set up previously in Portal Settings.

Once this lesson is saved, and either made available for enrollment or assigned to specific Users, the User can then input their license number or any other data that you have requested from them. Of course, there will be cases where you may want these Users to be able to update or edit their license number later.

To make sure this is an option, you will need to go to the Custom Fields tab in Portal Settings, and confirm the visibility settings. Here we can see that the License Number is currently set to Hidden, but once updated to Optional or Required, Users can edit it in the Learner User Interface.

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