Methods for Separating Internal vs. External Users


There are a few different methods of separating internal users from external Users in Absorb. There are also options for segregating two different groups of internal Users that need a separate customized experience within the Learner User Interface as well.

One method for creating a unique experience for different groups of Users in Absorb is to create and use separate URLs, separately or in conjunction with custom branding and department templates based on the department that the users are in.

As an example, we could have one department called, “National”, set up to access Absorb using a custom URL, login page, and see a custom design specific to the, “National,” department. Our second, “International”, department would access Absorb using an altogether different custom URL, and see a different login page, and custom design specific to their department.

Custom URLs and additional portal designs are entirely based on a department or sub department. So please take this into consideration when developing the department structure in Absorb. Though you can create your own custom template, you will need to contact to your CSM or Absorb Support to add a URL.  

You can also customize the learning experience for different user groups as well. For example, you can provide different news articles, polls, leaderboards, or present different billboard images to different groups of Users based on the availability rules you set up. This means you can present content to one group of Users without having to worry about a second group seeing it.

You are also able to customize the tiles displayed on the learner dashboard, and the items in the dropdown menu. This can be adjusted to your needs, making something like the Polls tile available to one group of Users, but not another. Review this article to learn more about Creating Department Templates. 

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