New File Manager

Absorb has combined an intuitive visual UX with a powerful filtering option to deliver a New File Manager feature to improve your administrative workflow for Admins working with media assets and files.

New Learner Experience Component

This feature must be enabled by a CSM or Support Agent before it is available to use. The New File Manager is an element of the upcoming New Learner Experience update.


Original File Manager

The Original File Manager is the current default for any Portal across Absorb LMS. When an Administrator is building an Online Course and selects the Choose File button while uploading a file such as a thumbnail photo or learning object, an Upload File modal frame will appear. The Administrator will need to choose a file within their document hierarchy or upload directly from their device.



Additionally, if an Administrator accesses files via the Setup menu, this will open the File Manager view, where they can see all the files that have been uploaded into their LMS portal.




New File Manager

When the New File Manager is toggled on, the following behavior will be observed.

When an Administrator is building an Online Course and selects the Choose File button while uploading a file such as a thumbnail photo or Learning Object, they will be presented with additional functionalities to reuse, organize and manage media and file assets.

The core functionality options include: 

  • File Searchability 
    1. Search by File Name.
    2. Filter by where it’s been used previously in the LMS.
    3. Sort results alphabetically, by date added, or by popularity.


  • Organizing Content 
    • By adding Tags to your uploads, you can curate content around appropriate themes and label them for easy reference in the future.
    • Filtering by Tags makes it easy to find the right content in a context that’s meaningful to the Administrator.



  • Sharing Content 
    • One file can be used across the LMS.
    • We’ve added a shortcut to one of our most popular content-sharing workflows to allow indirect references to files found in the File Manager (aka Deeplinking).


  • Managing Content


    • Rename files to give them a more meaningful identifier.


    • Replace files from the File Manager and have all LMS entities using that file updated simultaneously.


    • Delete files that are no longer current or relevant to the organization.



Roles and Permissions

In addition to the existing permissions that allow Admins to view and/or modify content in the File Manager, Admins with the specified permissions can also upload files. For more information about Roles and Permissions related to the File Manager, please see the File Manager & Visibility article.

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