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In this article, we will cover how to streamline the process of adoption for the Manager Experience feature via the Import Managers function. With the Import Managers function, you are able to update the configuration of all your Supervisors into Managers as a bulk action.

The Import Managers function can be found within Portal Settings, on the right-hand menu.

  • Only System Admins can view Portal Settings and configure the bulk action. 
  • The Import Managers function does not affect Direct Reports. 

Important Notes

Below highlights important information & best practices around the functionality: 

  • When the Import Managers function is used, all existing Manager relationships are removed. 
    • Note: Use the Import Managers function before manually assigning Managers to Users
  • The Import Managers function is intended as a one-time use means of setting Supervisors as Managers.
    • Note: System Admins can re-use this function but should be aware of the implications
  • If you have existing Imports or Integrations which are creating new Supervisor records, be sure to update these integrations before proceeding with the Import Managers function
  • In some use cases, you may have used the Supervisor function as a label for reporting without assigning any Admin roles that granted Supervisor permissions. The Import Managers function requires Administrators to select a Manager Role, unless the selected role has no permissions available, imported Managers will have more access than they did previously, and clients should take this into account before proceeding with the import
    • Note: The Supervisor field is not impacted by the Import Managers function


Supervisors Report

The Import Managers function presents the Supervisors Report informing the Administrator of all potential supervisors who will be imported as Managers.

Warnings will appear indicating:

    • Existing Manager configurations will be overwritten
    • The count of Supervisors who will be imported as Managers
    • The count of Supervisors who are Inactive

Note: These Users will remain inactive when they are set as Managers

Administrators can use the Validate action to confirm if there are any errors present for their Supervisors which need to be resolved before Supervisors can be imported as Managers.



When the Validate action is used, the following conditions may be surfaced:

  • Conflict - Circular Reference
    • With the Supervisor function it was possible to create a chain of Supervisor relationships that looped back on itself. This is not possible with the Manager function and these relationships need to be resolved before clients can import their Supervisors as Managers.
    • When the Conflict reference is selected the Users involved in the circular reference chain will be displayed, Administrators will need to modify the record for one of these Users to break the chain.
  • Self-Referencing Relationships
    • With the Supervisor function it was possible for a User to have themselves set as their own Supervisor. This is not possible with the Manager function and these relationships will not be reflected when Supervisors are imported as Managers.

Once the Administrator has resolved any conflicts and taken note of any warnings which are present for their Supervisors, they can select one or more Manager Roles and proceed with the Manager Import.

Note: The selected Manager Roles will be applied to all the Supervisors who are imported as Managers




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