Using the Assessments report to access question responses

This article contains instructions and details about  Absorb Create LI (Integrated Specific)


This article will show you how to access the feedback collected by knowledge check questions in Absorb Create LI:

20220207_Kcheck Qs 01.png

Quiz Questions: 


Responses of knowledge check questions are collected in the LMS. They can be accessed in "Reporting--Assessments."


20220207_Kcheck Qs 02.png

From the Assessments page, filter by your Course Name.

20220207_Kcheck Qs 03.png

The Summary report will show each question, the number of attempts, and how many learners got the question correct.

20220207_Kcheck Qs Asst Activity.png

The Assessment Activity report shows the results of each learners' attempt at the question. 


Finally, the Answers report will show how each learner responded to each question.

20220207_Kcheck Qs Answers Report.png


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