Learner Experience: Design Assets & Image Specifications


The Learner Experience can be customized to create a unique user experience and match your brand. All customization options live in Manage Templates, located on the right-side menu bar. This article will outline commonly used creative assets and image sizing suggestions to assist with the creation of a customized design for the Learner Experience.  

Design Assets & Image Specifications 

Compatible file types are JPG or PNG unless otherwise indicated.

The image sizes suggested here are the recommended size to fit the space best.

  • Company Logo
    • (Max. 200 x 54px)
    • Compatible file types: JPG, SVG, or PNG
    • Color and black & white versions
  • Favicon
    • (16 x 16px)
  • Login Image 
    • (1920 x 1200px)
    • Desktop visible area: 1920 x 860px


  • Welcome Image
    • Background: 1920 x 360px
    • Foreground: 768 x 360px
  • Dashboard Background Image
    • (1920 x 1080px)
  • Tile Icons
    • (60 x 60px)
    • Compatible file types: PNG or SVG
  • Tile Background
    • Image size varies based on the number of
      tiles per container and browser width.
    • Small Tiles: 320 x 160px
    • Big Tiles: 1280 x 320px


  • Inner Pages Banner
    • (1920 x 360px)
  • Course Details Image
    • (1920 x 360px)
  • Course Poster Image
    • (720x300px)


  • Menu Icons
    • (24 x 24px)
    • Compatible file types: PNG or SVG
  • Billboard Images
    • (950 x 360px)
    • Only applicable for Absorb Engage Add-on


For more information, check out the following Absorb Help Centre articles: 

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