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Learning Objects are elements of Online Courses that contain training content, such as e-learning modules, videos, external links, surveys, etc.  The refreshed Absorb LMS Admin Experience  (AE) introduced three new Learning Object types to help you better organize, evaluate, and confirm training comprehension: Observation Checklist, E-Signature, and Use Existing.

Question Bank is a set group of questions and answers that can be applied to multiple Assessment Learning Objects.  This article provides instructions on how to create a Question Bank.


Instructions: Build a Question Bank

  1. Beginning from the Absorb LMS Admin Experience, click the Courses button from the left-hand navigation menu.
    • This action will open a fly-out sub-menu.  Click Question Banks.
    • You will be routed to the Question Banks Report.
  3. Click the Question Bank button.
    • This action will route you to the Add Question Bank form.
  5. Enter the Question  Bank's Name in the Name field.
    • This is a required field.
    • The Question Bank Name is visible within the Admin Experience interface but not the Learner Experience interface.
  6. Click the Create Question button. 
    • This action will open the form section to configure questions.
    • Review this table for details on configuration options.
  7. Add more questions to the Question Bank by clicking the Create Question button and following the steps to configure options.
  9. When you have completed adding questions, click the Save button
    • This action will save and close the Question Bank form. You will return to the Question Bank Report page.
    • The new Question Bank will be available to be added to Assessments. 

Question Bank Form Screenshot

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Question Bank Form

Field  Details
Question Enter the Question into the text field. The information entered is visible to Learners within the Learner Experience (LE) and administrators in the Admin Experience (AE). This is a required field.
Question Type Click the field to open a menu to select an option from.  The field's default selection is Multiple Choice (Single Answer).
  Multiple Choice (Single Answer) = Learners will select a single answer to respond to the question.
  Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer) = Learners will select multiple answer options to respond to the question.
  Text = Learners will submit a text response to the question.
Options/Answers Enter an Answer response in the text field provided. Every question is required to have at least one answer option to choose from.
  Answer = Click the toggle button to change its state. The default state is CORRECT.
Add Option/Answer Click this button to create additional Answer responses to the question.
Correct Reply Optional: Enter a message to be presented to Learners when they select the correct answer.
Incorrect Reply Optional: Enter a message to be presented to Learners when they select the incorrect answer.
Attachment Choose to upload a file or enter a URL to link to outside content. 
  Choose File = Click the Choose File button to open a modal to upload a file. 



Once a learner has answered a question, the question and any associated answers can no longer be removed/deleted from the Question Bank. It is possible to update question text; modifying this information can make Assessment report results appear mismatched with inconsistent question and answer pairings. If a Learner has started but not completed an Assessment and the original Question Bank is switched out for a new Question Bank, the answers will no longer correspond to the exam in progress.


Example - User Transcript - Reset.jpg

From a Learner's Transcript, use the Lesson-level Reset Lesson Enrollment Activity option to reset the Learner's progress and require them to begin the Assessment again.

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