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This article provides information on a portion of the Absorb system that has been updated with the Absorb Admin Refresh Experience.  The instructions and guidance in this article are intended for those whose environment has enabled the free Absorb Admin Refresh Experience upgraded. For more information about what is available with this, please check out the Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist!



Absorb's Admin Refresh Experience has updated the familiar Report framework to make it easier for you to apply actions, navigate through data, share information, and more. Continue reading to learn about the new look and features available.
  • This article will help you become familiar with the Report configuration options available when using the Admin Refresh experience.

  • Please note that this article does not focus on a specific Report; instead, this article covers the features and tools found for reports using the Admin Refresh experience interface.



Filter & Refine


The Filter & Refine buttons help you quickly organize data by applying rules to include or exclude information based on different data points.

  • Filter: Filter choices mirror the available report columns making it easy to narrow or expand results.

  • Refine: Use the Refine option to pinpoint information to a set of criteria, such as a specific completion date, for example.


Report Action Toolbar


Located directly beneath the Filter & Refine section, the Report Actions toolbar offers processing options to the entire Report, based on the current layout used.

Important Note: Only changes that have been saved as part of a saved Report Layout can be shared, scheduled, or set as the Organization Default (layout).


Action Information
Generate Report File

Export the report results as an Excel or CSV file type.

Note: If you adjust your personal view of an existing Report Layout, those adjustments are applied to the Report File export you generate

Print Report Opens a modal with local print options for your device.
Schedule Report Configure rules to have the system automatically e-mail a Report directly to individual e-mail addresses, LMS system Groups, or a combination of both options.
Share Report Share the Report with LMS system Groups.
Set Organization Default This option is only available and visible to System Admins. An Organization Default layout will retain the selected Report Columns but not applied filters. Learn more here.
Report Layout Saves the currently Report Layout configuration.


Display Columns

Use the Display Columns menu to show or hide specific report data.  Column information can be further configured by using the Column's Filter tool.

Note: Available display columns will match the listed Filter & Refine column options.



Actions & Mass Actions

After you have generated a report, administrative action options will become available on the right-hand frame of the page.  This menu is context-sensitive and will change depending on the report and content selected.

Learn more about specific Report Actions & Mass Actions:




Report pagination controls help you quickly navigate between result pages. 

  • Items Per Page: Click this field to open a menu to select how many items to display per page.  The default value is 20 Items Per Page.  When you select a Report Action or navigate away and return to a Report, Items Per Page will return to the default value. 

Time Zone

The Admin Refresh experience introduces a new message on the Report grid footer to notify you of the time zone data is being displayed. Learn more by visiting the Overview of the Time Zone Selector article.



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