Absorb Engage: Collaborations


Introduction to Collaborations

The Collaborations section of the Absorb Engage upgrade allows you to create a space where your learners can discuss and share ideas related to a specific topic or Course.


Using Collaborations

To help you become familiar with how to use and implement Collaborations with your training programs, we are sharing the following Use Case scenarios:


Scenario 1

Your organization wants to prompt discussions among employees to see whether they prefer to access internal resource documentation from the company intranet or from Absorb LMS.  Leadership wants to see an active conversation on what documentation is currently available, what needs to be made available, examples of documentation employees find useful, and where they prefer these resources to be housed.


Scenario 2

Your organization wants to prompt discussion among employees about a new training program offered.  The Organization would like to see what the Users felt about the structure of the course, how the Users will apply the training to their current roles, and what types of training the Users have seen in the past that works best for them. 


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