Meet Absorb Intelligence™: Absorb’s New AI Suite for Next-Gen Administration and Learning



Absorb LMS Just Got Smarter.

Absorb is expanding its AI capabilities with the release of Absorb Intelligence™, a new suite of artificial intelligence tools now available within Absorb LMS. Absorb Intelligence features a combination of machine learning, natural language recognition, automation, and optimization algorithms; capabilities that enrich and simplify the learner experience while also increasing the management efficiencies of LMS administrators.

As part of the launch of Absorb Intelligence, we’re also introducing a brand-new feature within our AI suite – Absorb Intelligent Assist. With Intelligent Assist, Administrators can now use natural language to get reports and perform tasks based on simple or complex written requests. For example, you can type “Enroll the Sales Department in the new Sales Training Program” and Intelligent Assist will perform this action in one click. It can also assist with gathering information from within Absorb LMS. If you type “Show me all the users that did not pass Security Compliance training,” Intelligent Assist will take you to a pre-populated list of those users. Faster, easier, and more efficient for power users and novices alike – Intelligent Assist is a revolutionary capability that will change how LMS administrators work.

And we didn’t stop at Intelligent Assist. Other powerful features also included in the Absorb Intelligence™ suite are:

  • Intelligent Recommendations: Learners can now see additional courses of interest based on a particular completed course, overall course completions, and popular courses among various learners, encouraging skills development and surfacing new material they may not have found otherwise.

  • Intelligent Ranking: Intelligent Ranking delivers enhanced search results in the optimal order based on historical learner choices. Results continuously adjust based on data collected from all learners' behavior.

  • Absorb Pinpoint: Video lessons are automatically transcribed and timestamped based on AI and natural language processing. Combined with Intelligent Ranking, this allows learners searching for specific topics to be taken right to a particular point in a video covering that topic.

The more our customers use Absorb Intelligence, the better it gets. Powered by AI, Absorb Intelligence™ continues to get smarter with every new piece of content, search query, and course enrollment. It picks up on trends and user behaviors to ensure the most relevant options and results are presented.

The future of software will largely feature AI, and LMS solutions will be no exception. Absorb is dedicated to continuous innovation and ensuring that the LMS you know and love brings improved learning experiences, elevated engagement, and streamlined administration so you can focus on learning outcomes, not the manual menus and tasks typical of LMS administration.

We hope you’re as excited about these new innovations as we are. Our Absorb Intelligence™ suite is available now, and free for Absorb LMS clients who are on our latest Administrator Interface. We can’t wait for you to try it – let us know what you think. Contact your Customer Success Manager or our in-house support team with any questions or help getting started.

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