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The Dashboards Report page (also referred to as the Admin Dashboard Administration page) provides you access to manage all Admin Dashboards created within your Absorb LMS environment. When on the Admin Dashboard Administration page, Admins can add new Dashboards, edit existing Dashboards, and much more!

Admin Dashboards are a great way to provide your other system Admins an at-a-glance view of key statistics in the system. The Admin Dashboard is created using Widgets that consist of graphs, messages, and lists, all customized by you. For more information on Admin Dashboards, you can visit How to Add a Dashboard,   An Overview of Dashboard Widgets, and How to Add a Widget

Note: Only those with the System Administrator Role can view the Dashboard Administration page. 

Page Details

The Admin Dashboard Administration page is nested within the Setup menu. When you first navigate to this page, you may be presented with a default report view, a favorite saved layout or the shared organizational default layout.

From here, you can do the following:

  • Add new Admin Dashboards
  • View standard Admin Dashboards
  • Edit Admin Dashboards
  • Duplicate Admin Dashboards
  • Delete Admin Dashboards




Report Data

You can customize this report to provide information on any data points listed below.



Data Column Description
Created By*

This column displays the Full Name of the Admin who created the System Admin Dashboard. 

Creator ID

This column displays the System Admin's User ID that was generated by the LMS when the Admin was created in the LMS. 

Date Added*

This column displays the date and time the Admin Dashboard was created in the system.

Date Edited This column displays the date and time the Admin Dashboard was last updated in the system.

This column displays the Admin Dashboard ID provided by the LMS when the selected Admin Dashboard was created.


This column displays the Admin Dashboard's Status.

  • If Active = The Admin Dashboard is visible
    If Inactive = The Admin Dashboard is not visible

This column displays the name of the Admin Dashboard. 


Action Options


Admin Dashboard Administration

After generating a report, you can perform administrative actions. Commands to modify Report data become available once the checkbox of a table row item is selected (checked). The menu is displayed on the right-hand frame of the page. This menu is context-sensitive. The available options for actions will change depending on the content you are selecting.

  • An individual row selection will open the Actions menu.

Note: Action options are dependent on your individual Admin Role permission(s).  Some actions listed in the table below may not be available to all Admins.  If you have questions related to your permission set, please contact your local System Admin for details.

The actions listed in the table below are applied to a single selection

Action Menu Option Description
Add Dashboard This button will launch the workspace to add an Admin Dashboard to the LMS. 
Manage Dashboard Settings Click this button to launch a workspace to view and edit the selected Admin Dashboard's Settings.
Configure Widgets Click this button to launch the workspace where the Admin can view and manage Widgets that are associated with this Admin Dashboard.
Delete Dashboard

Click this button to delete the selected Dashboard.

Duplicate Dashboard

Click this button to create a new Admin Dashboard, where the same system settings from the selected Admin Dashboard will be copied. 

Deselect Click this button to clear current selections.


Roles & Permissions

Admin Dashboard Administration

Only those who have the System Administrator Role can create new Admin Dashboards. When creating the Dashboard, the System Admin can allow all Admins in a Department(s) to edit the existing Admin Dashboard(s). 


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