Boost Informal Learning with Absorb’s new Collaborations and Microsoft Teams Integration for Absorb Engage


Connecting Learners Like Never Before with Absorb Engage

With many of our learners still working from home, creating connection and enabling informal learning no matter where they are, has become a big focus for L&D professionals. Enabling learners to gather informally and collaborate drives teamwork and knowledge sharing, and ultimately fuels positive learning outcomes and success.

At Absorb, we’ve taken these principles and applied them to our new Collaborations and MS Teams integration that’s now part of Absorb Engage. Absorb Engage is a powerful set of collaborative tools that facilitates social learning and creates a more interactive learning environment. With these new features, Administrators can now complement formal eLearning with peer gatherings, discussions, break-out rooms, forums, and more. Absorb’s new Collaborations and MS Teams integration makes it easier than ever for learners to collaborate, learn from each other and achieve results all within Absorb LMS.

Some of the other features of Absorb Engage that we think you’ll love include:

  • Eye-catching billboards
  • Leaderboards to inspire competition
  • News articles to enrich social learning
  • Polls to help shorten feedback loops
  • Social media tiles to connect learners

To learn more about Absorb Engage, and our exciting new Collaborations and MS Teams integration features please get in touch with your CSM or Account Manager.

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