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This article provides information and guidance on a portion of the Absorb LMS Admin Experience that is now upgraded to the Admin Refresh Experience.

Please visit our Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist article for more details about what is available with the free Absorb Admin Experience upgrade.

Portal Settings

Admin Refresh Experience

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The Portal Settings within the LMS provide System Admins the ability to set system-wide configurations. System Admins can add contact information, Google Analytics, Zoom integration, create User Custom Fields, set Default Time zones for reporting, and much more. This is where Organizations can customize their LMS to their specific needs. 

Portal Settings can be found by selecting the Settings icon (icon.png) at the upper right side of the Admin Portal and select the Portal Settings from the menu option.  

The following are the settings are available to System Admins through Portal Settings: 


Info Tab

  • Main Contact Information: LMS Name, Company Name, Contact email, address, etc. These items are fields within Message Templates, where an Admin can pull the values through into notifications sent from the LMS.  The LMS Name will display at the top of the page when Users are in the Admin portal. 
    • Note: It is recommended that the Contact Information added to this section be generic and not related to one specific Admin or User within the LMS.
  • BCC Email: This email will get copied on all system emails.
  • Enable Content Libraries: This option toggled On will enable integrations with Absorb's partners Biz Library, Skillsoft, LinkedIn, Skill Pill, Traliant, and Whil. These integrations are an additional cost. Click here o learn more about these partners. 
  • Enable Custom SMTP:  Click here to learn more about Custom SMTP
  • Enable Google Calendar Session Emails: Enables the ability to include links to create Google Calendar events in Session enrollment emails. Click here to learn more. 
  • Virtual Classroom Integrations: If the Organization has an account with Zoom or Microsoft Teams and would like to set up an integration between Zoom or Microsoft Teams and Absorb, this toggle must be turned on. For more information about Zoom, please click here and for more information regarding Microsoft Teams, please click here
  • Enable Mobile App: Absorb has an App Organizations can turn on for their Users to access and take training on their mobile device. Click here to read more about this app.
  • Google Analytics: Enter your google analytics ID to track visits to your LMS
  • Enable Learner Idle Timeout Settings:  Enables the ability to set a timeout to automatically log out a learner after a period of inactivity
  • Enable Google Tag Manager:  Turning this on will enable the ability to add Google Tag Manager
  • Enable Course Recommendation: This option toggled to On will enable the automatic Course Recommendations setup option within your Courses. Click here to read more about Course Recommendations. 
  • Enable Locked Departments for Courses: This option toggled to On will provide the option of locking training to a specific Department and/or its Sub Departments. Only allowing students within this Department(s) to enroll in the training and/or only allowing Admins from this specific Department to manage the training. See Locked Departments for more information. 
  • Enable Microsoft Teams Integration: Through Collaborations and Nudge Message Templates, Clients can enable this feature and allow students to chat and receive messages through Microsoft Teams. For more information go to the Microsoft Teams


Users Tab

  • Force New Learner Password Change: Turning this toggle to On will force learners to change their password the first time they log in after being created or when an Admin changes their password in User management. 
  • On Login Course: Turning this On requires that all learners complete the selected course before accessing the rest of the LMS
  • Note: Availability rules associated with the course will be ignored.
  • New Users Are Required To Validate Their Email: Learners who sign up using an enrollment key are unable to log into the LMS until they validate their email addresses.
  • If the New Users Are Required To Validate Their Email is turned on, an option to restrict the LMS to only users with a specific email Domain, Email Allow list, will be available to turn on or not. 
  • User Warning Message: When this option is turned to On, Users will receive pop-up warnings requesting to accept Cookies and to notify the User that Cookies will be used. The Admin can configure messaging in the Translation section of the Setup menu. 
  • Learner Social Profile: Turning this toggle to On allows Users to view other Learners' profiles when they comment on a course, assigned to the same Leaderboard, or within a Collaboration. 
  • User Conversations: If the Learner Social Profile is on, turning User Conversations on will allow Users to Message each other through the LMS. An email can be sent to notify the user of the message or they will just view the message within their Messages. The Admin can set a default to allow emails to be sent and the Time Period between notifications. The User can override the default within their Profile settings. 
  • Learner Un-enrollment: Turning this option on allows Users to un-enroll themselves from training they have voluntarily selected to take. Please see the Learner Un-Enrollment from Training article for more information. 

User Profile Tab

This tab of the Portal Settings, allows Admins to determine what standard User fields will be available to Users on their user profile and on the External Sign-up Page ( ex: username, email, job title, etc.)

  • Optional: Editable and visible to the User but not required
  • Required: A value must be entered in for all users and it is Editable by the User
  • Hidden: Field will be hidden from the User, but available to Admins to view and edit
  • Read Only: User can view it, but not edit it

Custom Regex: A regular expression to set a certain pattern that the learner input must meet to be considered valid. Please click here for specific instructions on how to create these expressions.

Custom Fields Tab

This page allows Admins to create User Fields that can be made visible to Users and used for reporting (ex: Franchise Number, Job Code, Region).

  • Optional: Editable and visible to the User but not required
  • Required: A value must be entered in for all users and it is Editable by the User
  • Hidden: Field will be hidden from the User, but available to Admins to view and edit
  • Read Only: User can view it, but not edit it

Custom Regex: A regular expression to set a certain pattern that the learner input must meet to be considered valid. Please click here for specific instructions on how to create these expressions.

Below are the total number of Custom Fields an LMS can have for each Field Type.

  • Up to 30 TEXT fields
  • Up to 5 TRUE/FALSE fields
  • Up to 5 NUMBER or DECIMAL fields
  • Up to 5 DATE fields or DATE & TIME fields

Default Evaluation Tab

This page is where Admins can configure a default evaluation, that can be applied in the Attribute section of Online Courses and Instructor-Led Courses. While you can still edit the Evaluations at the course level, this page allows for standardization of the evaluation. 

Default Tab

  • Default Language: Users can select their language of preference using the Icon at the bottom left corner of the User portal or if the menu option has been enabled on the Template. Here Admins can determine what language will default when a User first logs in. 
  • Available Languages (always includes English): Languages selected here will be available for the user to select as their preference. Any language flagged with an Asterisk (*) is not supported in the Absorb Admin UI. This language can only be displayed on the Absorb Learner UI.
  • Tooltips: Options allow Admin to enable tooltips not available in each language to display in English rather than no tooltip (Tooltip Language Fallback to English) or hide links within all tooltips (Hide Tooltip Links). 
  • Note: Currently this feature is not available in the Admin Refresh Experience.
  • Contact Us Button: By default, the Contact Us button will open a Zendesk support ticket. The Admin can enter in their own URL if they would like Admins contacting their Support instead. 
  • Report Date Format: This option allows Admins to set the report date format for when it is exported or printed (ex. YYYY-MM-DD). 
  • Default Certificate Url: Admins can upload a default Certificate in PDF format for when the Certificate option is turned on within a Course's settings. The Admin can apply a unique Certificate PDF directly to the Course if they do not want to use the default. 
    • Note: During the implementation of your new LMS, the Design team will create the first Default Certificate. 
  • Default Time Zone: The Default Time Zone will automatically display for all time zone selections in the LMS. 
  • Default Leaderboard Points Value:  Defines the points value awarded to learners upon completing Online Courses, Curricula, Instructor-Led Courses, Competencies, and Comments Changes to values do not affect points that have already been awarded.
  • Default Course Images: Add default images and thumbnails for Online Courses, Curricula, Instructor-Led Courses, and Course Bundles.

Admin Privacy Policy Tab

Admin Privacy Policy Languages: Admins will have the ability to create their own message for the Admin Privacy Policy in this tab of Portal Settings. All languages are available to edit. 



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