Feature: Learner Un-Enrollment Option

This article provides information and guidance on a portion of the Absorb LMS Admin Experience that is now upgraded to the refreshed Admin Experience (AE).

Please visit our Absorb Admin Refresh Checklist article for more details about what is available with the free Absorb Admin Experience upgrade.

Learner Un-enroll from Training

Admin Refresh Experience: Enrollments

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The Absorb Admin Refresh Experience introduces new functionality allowing Users to un-enroll themselves from Online Courses, ILC Courses, or Curricula.  System Administrators have the option to enable or disable this feature in your environment's Portal Settings > User section.

The option to un-enroll will appear to Users if:

  • They have self-enrolled into the training, and
  • Their status is Not Started or In Progress

Use the Enrollment History report to learn if a User has un-enrolled from training. Once a Use has been un-enrolled from training they will lose any progress made during the enrollment. 


Note: In order for Users to un-enroll themselves, the LMS must have the Learner Un-enrollment toggle enabled (ON) in the Portal Settings > User section. 



How to Setup Learner Un-enrollment

Step 1

Navigate to the Portal Settings by clicking the silhouette icon from the top right-hand side of the Admin portal. Choose Portal Settings from the sub-menu.  You will be routed to the Info page.

Step 2

From the Portal Settings page, select the User tab from the top. Once you are on the User tab and scroll down to the Learner Un-enrollment option.  Toggle the Learner Un-enrollment to On.  

Note: The Learner Un-Enroll feature is a Portal level setting, and cannot be turned ON or OFF on a course-by-course basis.

The Learner Experience: Un-Enroll


  1. The User navigates to the My Courses page and selects the training they would like to un-enroll from.

  2. From the Course Details page, the User will have a new icon that displays within the banner, on the top right-hand side next to the Share and Pin icons.

    Note: This icon will Not display if any of the following are true:
      • User DID Not enroll themselves into the Course
      • The Course is in any other status except Not Started or In Progress.
      • If the Course was enrolled via automatic enrollment
      • The training is marked as Mandatory
      • Purchased through eCommerce 
      • The Course is part of a Content Library and the user has begun taking the Lessons (BizLibary, SkillSoft, LinkedIn, Amplify).

  3. The User will receive a warning, Confirm Unenrollment, explaining if they un-enroll, they will lose all progress. They will be prompted to select Unenroll in order to confirm or they can select Cancel to go back to the Course Details page. 


Enrollment History Report Data

Admins can view whether or not a user has been un-enrolled from training from the Enrollment History report. The Admin can access the Enrollment History from either the Course Enrollment or from the User Enrollment administration page. 


You can customize this report to provide information on any data points listed below.



Data Column Description
Attained Certificate

This column displays the User's status:

  • If YES = The User has earned the Courses Certificate
  • If NO = Tthe User has not earned the Course Certificate
Certificate Date This column displays the calendar date and time that the User received their Certificate of completion.
Course Name* This column displays the current Course Title (name).
Credits This column displays the credit amount awarded for successfully completing training in a scored or non-scored training in the LMS.
Date Completed* This column displays the calendar date and time that the User concluded all requirements within the training.
Date Electronically Signed This column displays the date the User completed the Course's > Learning Object > Electronic Signature item, if applicable.Note: This value is only available on Online Courses.
Date Enrolled* This column displays the calendar date and time that the User was enrolled in the Course.
Date Marked Historic If Un-enrollment Type is "MarkedHistoric", this shows the date and time that a User was re-enrolled in the course.
Date Un-enrolled If Un-enrollment Type is "Self", this shows the date and time that a User Un-enrolled
First Name* This column displays the value populated in the User's Profile > First Name field.
ID This column displays the Course Enrollment ID that is automatically generated by the LMS when the User is enrolled. 
Instructor This column displays the First and Last Name of the Instructor listed on the Instructor-Led Course. 
Last Name* This column displays the value populated in the User's Profile > Last Name field.
Score (%)* This column displays the User's overall training grade based on the number of items capable of being scored in the training. 
Session This column displays the Name of the Session. 
Session End Date This column displays the calendar date and time populated in the End Date field of the Session. 
Session Start Date This column displays the calendar date and time populated in the Start Date field of the Session.




The ILC Session Instructor marked the User as not present for the ILC Course Session.


The User has fulfilled all requirements within the Course.


An Approver has declined the User's request to enroll in the Course.


The User did not meet the minimum score required within the Assessment(s) contained in the Course.

In Progress

The User has launched or began at least one Lesson within the Course.


This status will display for Course Bundles.

Not Complete

This status will display when an Admin edited a User's enrollment so that the User can retake the Course.

Not Started

The User has not taken any action towards completing the Course.

On Waitlist

The User is on the Waitlist for a specific ILC Session date/time that is currently at full capacity.

Pending Approval

This status indicates that the User is waiting for a Manager or Admin to approve their enrollment request.

Pending Evaluation Required

The User needs to complete an Evaluation before receiving a completion for the Online Course.

Pending Proctor

The Online Course is waiting for the Proctor to sign off on the User's completion of the Online Course.

Ready for Review

This status indicates an Observation Checklist is ready for the Reviewer to complete the checklist.  

Un-enrollment Type

This column displays either Marked Historic or Self. This will determine if the User un-enrolled themselves or if they were re-enrolled. 

  • Marked Historic = The User was re-enrolled into the Course.
  • Self = The User un-enrolled themselves from the training. 


This column displays the value populated in the User's Profile > Username field.

The Username is a name-based identity used to distinguish each User as they are added to the LMS. Also referred to as the User’s Login.



Roles and Permissions

Please note that your environment may use customized Role(s), Permissions, or a combination of both to regulate access to this report.

Admins must have Generated Reports in their Role, in order to export data to Excel or CSV on any Administration page or Report page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local System Administrator to review your current permission set. 

Required Role Permissions

Keep in mind that you may need to adjust Course level Course Administrator permissions.

Role: Section Access

Permission(s) Needed

Courses > Instructor-Led Courses

View or Modify permission

Courses > Curriculum

View or Modify permission

Courses > Course Bundles

View or Modify permission

Courses > Online Courses

View or Modify permission


View or Modify permission


Suggested Role Permissions

Role: Section Access

Permission(s) Needed

Users > Departments

View or Modify permission


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