May 2021 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on:

  • May 16, at 10 AM MST to our US and Canada environments
  • May 17, at 3:30 PM MST to our EU environments
  • May 17, at 10:00 AM MST to our AU and CN environments

Please note:

  • Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release.
  • Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours.
  • Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.
  • All changes detailed in the following release notes only apply to clients on our latest Administrator interface. Click here for more details.



Absorb LMS Learner Experience

Absorb LMS Admin Experience

Absorb Mobile Application (update available May 20, 2021)

Absorb Zoom Integration

Absorb Create (LI and Stand-Alone)

Absorb Infuse

Bug Fixes


Absorb LMS Learner Experience

Microsoft (MS) Teams Integration – Absorb LMS Teams App

MS Teams is an integral part of day-to-day communications in many environments, which makes it a great way to provide notifications that learners will see and act on for greater engagement. With the new Absorb LMS App for Teams, LMS notifications can now be sent to learners via MS Teams. Features include:

  • Nudge notifications to help remind you of pending training
  • Access training from the LMS via a link in the nudge notification
  • When released later in May by Microsoft, Teams admins will be able to customize the Absorb LMS App for Teams to match the branding of their LMS name, icon and assets:



  • An edit function has been added to allow learners to correct or update any of their comments, answers or replies in Collaborations

Learner Self Unenroll

Coming directly in response to customer feedback, the learner self-unroll capability will save administrators time, and allow learners the ease and satisfaction of self-service. Features include:

  • Learners can now unenroll from self-enrolled courses, curricula or ILCs from the Course Details page. This update is limited to courses with an enrollment status of “Not Started” or “In Progress”
  • Learner unenroll can be enabled or disabled at the portal level


Absorb LMS Admin Experience

Shared Lesson Objects

Administrators may wish to reuse the same lesson object in multiple courses or curricula to save repeated uploads and allow a single update to be applied to all courses. Shared lesson objects can now be added to courses and managed via a new report.

  • “Use Existing” has been added as a Learning Object type on the Add Learning Object screen. This will bring up the new Lessons report to select from existing lesson objects to use for the current course
  • The new Lessons report is available from the Courses menu to view and manage shared lesson objects. Features include:
    • Replace Lesson action to swap or update the contents of a shared lesson object
    • View Courses action to see all courses that share a lesson object
    • Obeys course visibility permissions

Note: Shared lesson objects will have a phased rollout and may not be available in all portals as of the initial May release day. If you wish to use this functionality and it is not available to you, please contact your CSM or Account Manager.

Absorb Intelligence

  • Intelligent Assist now allows Admins to navigate to department, login, assessment, and on-the-job training reports.
  • Auto-tagging is more intuitive including higher-level thematic concepts in addition to keywords

Additional Admin Experience Enhancements

  • Courses are now only visible to Admins defined in the Administrators section
  • Filters can now contain a "\" or a " ' " character


Absorb Mobile Application (update available May 27, 2021)

  • Support for AICC lessons, both online and offline, has been added


Absorb Zoom Integration

  • Zoom Webinars are now supported and can be used as venues for ILC sessions


Absorb Create (LI and Stand-Alone)

  • Preview has been enhanced to allow both a Review mode of just a given page or a Play mode to see the full learner experience of the course under development
  • Group/Ungroup objects has been added to allow a set of objects to be grouped and relocated together as one object
  • Crop and resize of an image now provides handles to crop/resize from all sides of an image
  • Animated GIF, PNG or Webp on Chrome is now supported for newly imported images


Absorb Infuse

  • To speed and simplify Infuse integration and onboarding, industry standard OAuth2.0 authentication flow support has been added for password, authorization code, and refresh grant types
  • Video lesson types support has been added to the embedded course player


Bug Fixes

  • The dashboard widget that shows number of logins now includes admin logins correctly
  • Admins with modify permissions can now modify and save ILCs without requiring additional permissions
  • Vimeo video URLs with privacy settings now play properly from the resources tab
  • Admins without Enrollments permissions can now create a course with proper permissions
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