This article will provide clear guidance for setting up Create Quizzes in the LMS for the most reliable and consistent results for learners. The methods covered in this article are for scored assessments that are included in the course result in the LMS. 


No Fail Quiz Case

This evaluation and completion scenario will never "Fail" the learner; the course will remain available until the assessment is Passed, at which point the status will change to Complete, and no further attempts will be available.


In this approach, the Create Quiz Retries are set to "Until Passed":

And the Absorb LMS Assessment settings are:


Here is a screen recording of the Until Passed setting in action, when a learner has failed their first attempt at a quiz:




Fail Quiz Case

In this case, we'll leverage settings in the LMS to fail the course and allow re-enrollment.


Create Retries should be set to "None" OR a number of retries from 1-5:


When uploading the learning object in Absorb, Lesson Assessment flag is ON, Max Attempts=1:



The learner can open the course 1 time, and will be allowed to take the quiz until the retries are consumed. The learner should exit the course as soon as they have passed.


In addition, Completion settings will Allow Failure:



Providing a Completion Page

In either assessment scenario, we recommend placing a completion page after the quiz, to provide your learner valuable feedback on their course status and next steps.


Check out this article on the Quiz Completion Page.


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