Advanced practices with knowledge check questions


By default, the behavior of knowledge check question is set to "force retry until question is passed." This behavior will reset the question until the learner has answered correctly. This article will explore advanced use cases with the default setting, as well as alternative use cases.



Strong Knowledge Check Questions

While knowledge check questions are intended for real-time check-in with a learner, strong knowledge check questions can be constructed in Create. These questions will restrict the learners' movement through a course until they have demonstrated understanding or competency of a concept. 

The Follow Sequentially setting is instrumental in this use case, as it will hold the menu and navigation button progress until the page has completed:



Creating a template for strong knowledge check questions

If you plan to use strong knowledge check questions frequently throughout a course or curriculum, make a template of the necessary settings before building out the assessments.

In the editor mode, add a blank slide with the following settings applied: 

1 Timed As little as 1-2 seconds, more as appropriate
2 Advancement and Completion

Autoplay is ON

Disable forward seeking is ON

Need to reach end of slide for completion is ON

End of slide action is None--must reach end of the slide for completion

3 Player Toolbar

Media controls, bookmarks, navigation buttons are OFF


In the content Editor, set up the slide as follows:

Add the Knowledge Check Question:


Apply the following settings to the knowledge check question:

1 Action

On Success--Resume video playback

Use Different Action on Fail is OFF

2 Start Time This is the time when the question appears, and pauses slide to wait for a response


In the content Editor, the settings appear as follows:

When all of these settings are enabled, a template can be made of the slide from the page navigator:


Alternatively, a template can be added to your theme by following these steps in the Theme Editor to construct the template or add it as an existing page.

The learner will experience a timed slide featuring a question, and the only option to complete the page is to respond:




Use a different action when the question is failed

Alternate behaviors can be assigned to knowledge check questions. This type of question has a variety of uses:

  • In a video slide, if the question is answered incorrectly, the learner can be returned to a video time code to re-watch a segment before trying the question again
  • In a branching scenario, a learner can be sent to supplemental material when a question is answered in a specific way

As with the previous use case, it is recommended to make a template page containing these settings, so the settings will be applied uniformly.


1. To take advantage of other behavior options, toggle the Force retry setting OFF, and "Use a different action when the question is failed" setting ON:



2. Open the "On Fail" modal, and select the action to occur when the learner answers incorrectly. In this example, the knowledge check is situated in a branch graph, and one of the options is to navigate to a branched page:


On Fail Options

When selected... This is the outcome...
None Correct answers will be offered, and a Continue button to move on
Navigate to page Next, previous, or a different page in the lesson
Resume video playback Any time left on the slide will resume playing through
Go to video time frame Returns to a time mark within the slide and begins playing; ensure that the time is earlier than the question appearance, so the answers will be reset for another try.


3. The final step in a successful implementation of this use case is to turn OFF the feedback for the question:





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