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Absorb helps you monetize your content in global markets by allowing the sale of courses in multiple currencies. Enable your learners to purchase your content in their preferred currency. In addition, you can automatically set prices by currency to account for market variance. This article will guide you through the setup process of the Multi-Currency feature. 

Use Case 

Using Stripe* as your payment gateway, set your default currency, then up to 4 additional currencies** to sell your content.

Learners can select their preferred currency (if different than the default) and view all course pricing in that currency. Transactions will be processed in their currency of choice through the payment gateway.

Important Note: 

  • *Currently, Stripe is the only supported payment gateway for multi-currency.
  • ** The Supported 4 currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD (additional currencies may be added in the future). 


Follow the below steps to set up the Multi-Currency feature:

Step 1: Navigate to Portal Settings, and click the Manage E-Commerce Settings action button. 


Step 2: Click the Payment Gateways tab on the top menu bar. 


Step 3: Select your Default Currency via the drop-down menu. 


Step 4: Ensure Stripe is selected as your payment gateway. 


Step 5: Toggle ON the Allow Multiple Currencies toggle button. 


Step 6: Configure your additional currencies. 


  • Add up to 4 additional currencies. 
  • From the control below, select your new currency, its conversion rate, and rounding properties. 
    • The conversion rate is a multiplier of the default currency’s price. Decimal values between 0 and 100,000 can be entered. 
    • If you wish to have the course price round to the nearest whole number, set the rounding toggle to ON. 


Step 7: Click SAVE. Once saved, all existing e-commerce courses will be made available in the currencies that have been configured. 

Course Setup 

There is no additional configuration required at the course level. All prices defined at the course level assume the default currency. When multi-currency is active, the edit course view will display prices in all currencies based on the configured multiplier and the rounding settings for each currency.


Learner Workflow 

Customers will be assigned the default currency when they reach your portal. To take advantage of the multi-currency functionality, they must change their currency. 

Follow the below steps to ensure your Learners can take advantage of the Multi-Currency feature: 

Step 1: In the header, learners will be shown their current currency. They must select the default currency by clicking on it to change this.


Step 2: Select your preferred currency. The modal will display all currently configured currencies. 


Step 3:  Once selected, the header will reflect the preferred currency. Note: If learners have items in their cart and change their currency, they will be warned that changing the currency will void and empty their cart.


Step 4: Pricing will be displayed in the preferred currency.


Step 5: Pricing will be displayed and processed in the preferred currency upon checkout. The receipt will also display the preferred currency.





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