Design a theme with a presentation template


This article will present the steps for setting up a theme in Create using an existing presentation template (*pptt). 

Before starting this process, make sure the template is saved as a standard presentation file (*.pptx) 


  1. Upload the presentation file to Create using the PowerPoint option 

  2. Open the Player Appearance tab, and click on Save As New Theme 

  3. Open the hamburger menu next to your New Theme, and choose Edit Theme 

  4. In the Theme Editor, remove any unwanted templates from the Theme Template menu 

  5. Add new template pages using Existing Pages, and accessing the pptx content just imported 

    Use the Blank Slide option to add templates for timed slides, knowledge checks, and any other slides where uniform settings and behavior will reduce the workload.

  6. After all the template pages have been added, check the slide accent colors and adjust as necessary using brand standards for your organization.

  7. Ensure the branded fonts are loaded and enabled, and decide on the Player format 

 8. When you are done editing your theme, return to the Editor


9. Return to the Player Appearance tab, and apply the theme to any course using the Course Theme menu



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