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Content in the LMS may be offered in multiple languages. With an extensive course catalog, it may be challenging for learners to find content in a given language. This process has been streamlined through the introduction of the Course Language filter, which is available in the Learner Experience catalog. The Course Language filter enables Learners to select multiple languages and display all the content where those languages are set for the Course Language field.

Accessing the Course Language Filter

The Course Language filter can be found in the following locations in the Learner Experience as an advanced filter:

  • Course Catalog
  • My Courses
  • Search Results

To enable this filter, start from one of the above pages and complete the following:

  1. Click on the Show Filters icon on the left-hand side of the page.


  2. Open the Advanced Filtering drop down menu.

  3. Select the Course Language option.

    LE Language Filter - 1.png
  4. In the Course Language filter, select the language to filter by.

    LE Language Filter - 2.png

Filter by Multiple Languages

You can select multiple languages to filter courses by. The Course Language filter can be used in combination with the other available filtering options in the Learner Experience.

LE Language Filter - 3.png

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