IP Addresses, Ports, Allow Lists & FQDNs

As a web-based software Absorb LMS relies on a consistent network and utilizes various methods of communication. An IP Address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. One of the major services that references IP Address is email and the distribution of email through our SMTP Server. The IP Address associated with this server can sometimes be denied by the receiving side of the interaction, which causes the email to fail distribution.

Beyond IP Address Absorb LMS requires access to various Ports specific to your network or device. By default, most of these Ports are open and do not require management. In other cases, such as accessing Absorb LMS from a secured private network, the Ports must be manually opened.

It is possible to request IP Address Restriction on your portal, where only visitors to your portal from a specific IP Address will be allowed access. Additionally, it may be required to modify the allow-list on your side so as to display Absorb LMS as intended. Our recommendation for adding Absorb LMS to an allow-list would be to reference the Absorb FQDN: *.myabsorb.com. Additional details regarding FQDNs are below.


IP Addresses

Relevant Absorb IP Addresses are per region and only need to be applied to an allow-list on your side if you are encountering concerns. If you are receiving email from Absorb and your organizational/local network is showcasing the LMS as expected; you do not need to add these IP Addresses to an allow-list. If you're noticing emails are being denied by your email distribution server, then adding the relevant Absorb IP Address to the allow-list of that email server may be the ideal resolution.

SMTP IP Addresses per Region

The following section contains the IP Addresses used, per region, by our Absorb SMTP Server. If your portal is in a specific environment, and you are encountering issues with email distribution from our server, through your distribution server and finally to intended recipients; adding all IP Addresses for your region to an allow/white-list on the side of the distribution server may resolve the concern.

United States (US)


Canada (CA)


European Union (EU)


Australia (AU)



Portal Level IP Address Restrictions

It is possible to implement an IP Address Restriction on a portal in Absorb LMS. A Restriction of this kind is sometimes known as creating a allow-list. When creating a allow-list, you are also creating a deny-list at the same time. Circumstantially, if you approve only three IP Addresses, every other IP Address that exists is on the deny-list. When implementing an IP Address Restriction is is important to confirm all IP Addresses that must be added, as any which are not included will be blocked from accessing your portal.

If you are a System Admin and would like to implement an IP Address Restriction for your portal, please feel welcome to open a new support ticket or reach out to your CSM. Adding a IP Address Restriction can only be be performed by Absorb personnel at this point in time. When making this request please advise the following:

  • Do you want to Allow the IP Address or Deny the IP Address?
  • What is range of the IP Address? EX: From - To
  • What Department would you like this IP Address Restriction applied to?
    • If all Departments please confirm this as well.
IP Address Restriction Disclaimer

IP Address Restrictions may be circumvented for support purposes.


A Port is a virtual point where network connections start and end. Each port is associated with a specific service or process. Additional information can be found here.

  • Users and Administrators must be able to communicate with the LMS on the following Ports:
    • TCP 80 (HTTP)
    • TCP 443 (HTTPS)
    • TCP 9999 (SignalR/Messenger).​
      • This is used for when an action that shows the progress bar such as 'report generating' is showcased. If this Port is closed/blocked, these messages will not appear.


Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

We cannot guarantee that we will have the same IP Address multiple times, and AWS cannot guarantee the amount of time we will have an IP Address for. If your use-case requires that you add Absorb LMS to an allow-list on your side, we recommend adding the FQDN to the allow-list instead and not individual IP Addresses, because they can change at any time.

A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is a complete address for a website, computer, server or similar entity that exists on the internet. Additional information can be found here by clicking this link.

Content Filtering and Firewalls

To properly utilize Absorb LMS you must add the following FQDNs to your content filtering or firewall allow-list:

  • All myabsorb subdomains for the environment you are hosted on.
    • US: *.myabsorb.com
    • CA: *.myabsorb.ca
    • EU: *.myabsorb.eu
    • AU: *.myabsorb.com.au
  • Google Fonts URLs:
    • ajax.googleapis.com
    • fonts.googleapis.com
  • If you use a Custom URL
    • training.mycompany.com
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