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Absorb LMS allows you to add YouTube streaming video content to your courses. There are 2 ways you can go about this, each with their own benefits. It's important to note that regardless of which option you choose, you will want to ensure that sharing/embedding is enabled for the video you're using. YouTube will otherwise prevent videos from loading in Absorb with this functionality disabled. YouTube Help has an article called Restrict Embedding which can help you with setting this up if you're the video owner.

Option 1: Video

The first (and likely most elegant) way to host YouTube videos is to use the VIDEO learning object type. This will play the video through Absorb's built-in video player and allow you to take advantage of all the standard functionality of video learning objects, most notably proper completion and duration tracking based on full viewing.

In here you'll have the option to enter a URL for a video instead of choosing one from your File Manager. All you have to do here is pull the URL from your browser when viewing that video on YouTube, and then plug it in to your learning object.

Your link should look something like this:


Option 2: Object

Alternatively, you can load YouTube videos into the OBJECT learning object type. This will embed YouTube's own player into your lesson, which has the benefit of granting the user access to all of that player's functionality and controls.

To add a YouTube video to an object, you'll need to pull a slightly different URL from YouTube. This can be found in the video page by clicking SHARE > EMBED, however you must only select the part of the link highlighted in the screenshot below. This link can be inserted into the SOURCE field in your object.

Your link should look something like this:

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