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Welcome to Absorb Help Desk!

This site serves as a resource for everything Absorb LMS: from announcements about our software, to articles and videos covering common questions and workflows, to public discussion with other users, as well as access to our team of Client Advocates whenever you need further assistance. In this article we're going to cover the tools at your disposal at Absorb Help Desk and best practices for ensuring your experience beyond the LMS is top-notch!
The Help Desk Dashboard provides a way to quickly access the different areas and tools available for troubleshooting any questions or issues you may have. The six colored tiles act as shortcuts to areas within the Help Desk to make navigation easy. While each tile will direct you to their own separate page, it is good to note that both FAQs and Guides can also be found within the Knowledge Base even though there is a dedicated tile for each. In addition, we have provided shortcuts for Announcements, Community, and Release Notes. 
Above these tiles and search bar, you will find options to sign in, create a new support ticket (Submit a request), or manage your current tickets and follows (My activites). We'll go over your followed items a little later in this article. Below the tiles, you'll find the most recent activity in the Community forums which we welcome you to check out.

Signing In
While most of the content on this site has been made publicly available, creating a free account will allow you to fully engage in community discussion, or to open and track support tickets with our team of Client Advocates. Registration is easy and requires nothing more than your name and email. If you've ever had any correspondence with our Client Advocates through our support email address, it's likely you have an account already! If this is the case, just use the "Forgot my password" link on the Sign In popup to have your password sent to you. 

Submitting A Ticket

The most efficient way to get answers is to use the resources mentioned throughout this article. It's often likely that your question has been asked and answered before in either our Knowledge Base or the Community forums. Of course, you might not always be able to find all of the answers. For that, our friendly team of Client Advocates are eager to help answer all of your technical questions, and assist with any problems you may be facing. The easiest way to get in touch with us is to submit a new ticket outlining the details of your inquiry. To submit a new ticket, just click Submit a request at the top of the Absorb Help Desk home page. 
In order to achieve as quick a resolution as possible, try to add as many details as you can to these tickets that will help us identify and replicate the problem you are facing. Information such as usernames, course names, steps to reproduce, screenshots, and screencasts are all great examples of things that help us better serve you! After submitting your ticket you will receive updates on the ticket via email which you can either reply directly to, or you can manage your tickets on Absorb Help Desk directly by clicking the My activities link up top in the navigation bar.
If you have any additional questions about Absorb Help Desk, or encounter any issues while browsing this site, please submit a support ticket and we'd be happy to assist you further. Otherwise, have fun!

The announcements section is used primarily for communicating important information to you. This includes any potential service interruptions, known issues, system maintenance, etc. The Announcements forum is also where we post our weekly patch/release notes for Absorb 4 and 5. 

Knowledge Base

The Absorb Knowledge Base is your jumping off point for help content related to Absorb 5 and Absorb 4. We have divided the Knowledge Base into sections according to where you would be working in Absorb, as well as specific topics such as Integrations. As of the writing of this article, we currently have the following available sections: 
  • Absorb Videos: Videos covering common tasks and workflows in Absorb LMS
  • Setup, Users, Courses, Reports, and E-Commerce: Guides and information for settings found within each respective area of Absorb's Admin UI
  • Onboarding: Guides specifically for developers getting started with customizing Absorb
  • Integrations: Guides specifically for developers working with custom implementations of Absorb's RESTful and SSO APIs 
  • Mercury: Articles covering the different aspects of the Mercury module in detail
  • Guides: Lengthier articles covering common tasks and workflows in Absorb LMS 
  • FAQs: Articles covering frequently asked questions with concise, bite-sized answers


It is our hope that you will feel a sense of community on the Absorb Help Desk site through engagement with both ourselves, and other Absorb LMS users. The Absorb LMS Community section is a great place to post questions, ideas, and anything else related to Absorb LMS that you'd like:   
  • Suggestions: The Suggestions forum is where you can post ideas for new features and improvements to Absorb LMS. We encourage you to help great ideas gain even more traction by using the simple voting system in each post. This forum will be closely monitored by Absorb management and will always be factored in to our vision for future development of the software. 
  • General Discussion: Anything goes here! This is the place to ask questions, discuss workflows, share LMS related experiences, etc.
Posts in any of the above forums (or the forums themselves) can be "Followed". This will notify you via email whenever an update is made. The Followed Topics area found in My Activies under the Following tab, will allow you to view a customized list of all of your followed topics to stay up to date on the content important to you! This can also be accessed directly from the Absorb Help Desk home page. 

FAQ's & Guides 

The FAQ's and Guides tiles will bring you into their respective areas of the Knowledge Base. As mentioned earlier in this article, both FAQ's and Guides reside within the Knowledge Base and can be accessed from that page as well. FAQ's are articles covering frequently asked questions with concise, bite-sized answers. Guides are lengthier articles covering common tasks and workflows in Absorb LMS.

Release Notes

Here you will find detailed information on all new features, bug fixes, and improvements prior to them being released to production. Please note that all of the features listed in the Release Notes are subject to change between the time of writing and release at the discretion of our development team. We will be sure to update the release notes to reflect these changes as soon as it is possible to do so.

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