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The Absorb LMS Help Desk is your resource for system training, news, and connection.

While most of the content on the site is publicly available, creating a free account allows you to:

  • Engage in Community discussions fully.
  • Open and track support tickets with our team of Client Advocates.
  • Access additional articles within the Knowledge Base.

If you have ever had correspondence with our Client Advocacy Team through our support e-mail address (; you likely have an account already!  If this is the case, click the green Sign In button on the top navigation bar, and select the "Forgot Password" option to have a password reset email sent to yourself.



Absorb LMS Help Desk Resources

You can quickly navigate to different areas from the main page by using the following tiles:

  • Announcements
  • Knowledge Base
  • Community
  • Release Notes


The Announcements section is where important information, such as upcoming scheduled maintenance alerts, are posted.  To automatically receive these announcements, select the "Follow" button and these updates will be emailed to you.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is full of informational and instructional articles, videos and step-by-step guides to help you administer your Absorb LMS system.


We love to hear feedback from our clients.  of our clients. The Community fosters this with two specific sections: Suggestions and General Discussions.

  • The Suggestions forum is where you can post ideas for future enhancements or improvements to the Absorb LMS platform.  We encourage you to help great ideas gain attention by using the simple voting system in each post.
  • The General Discussion section is where you can ask questions, discuss workflows, and share LMS related experiences with other administrators.

Release Notes

In Release Notes you will find detailed information on new features, bug fixes, and improvements prior to release.  Please note that all of the features listed here are subject to change between the time of the announcement and the release at the discretion of our Development Team.  We will update the Release Notes to reflect these changes as soon as possible.


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