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Applies to: Plus & Enterprise Plans

Please note this feature is only available for clients that have not upgraded to the New Learner Experience

Absorb LMS offers extensive branding options, including custom skins that match the visual style of your organization. In addition, it's possible to customize the layouts of your menu items or dashboard tiles to be tailored to your specific needs in the LMS. You can see some examples in our branding video here, or by viewing a collection of samples.

The attached documents below describe our branding guidelines for developing custom skins as well as the available tile/menu layouts, respectively.

This full configuration is included as part of our regular client onboarding process, but any simple updates to these items can be requested of Absorb Help Desk by opening a support ticket. Please note: these requests will only be approved for system administrators within your organization. Basic adjustments to your tile/menu layout can be handled by Absorb Help Desk directly, although some of these requests may need to go through our design team to account for elements in your custom skin. The more extensive design projects (i.e. significant changes or new department skins) should be directed towards your client manager, but we can help get you over to them too, if necessary!


Frequently asked questions regarding branding:

How large can my logo be?

While we can't dictate how large your logo should be overall, but we recommend keeping it to around 100px in height.

What size should I use for a welcome image or billboard?

950px * 366px for the large image as viewed on a desktop, on a tablet the size is  630px * 366px and on mobile devices the image is 310px * 178px. You can provide different images for each size, otherwise it will resize when different devices are used.

What size of image should I use for a tile?

The tiles on the dashboard are 310px * 178px

Can I use a favicon?

Absolutely! If you have a small icon that you'd like to use as a favicon please send it to us and we'll be happy to apply it to your portal.

Attached to this article you will find our Branding and Tile guides which can help you with questions you may have regarding what you'd need to set up branding for your portal. If you have any questions that you're unable to find the answers to please open a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist.

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