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Course Evaluations are a valuable tool that provides Learners with a set of questions to gather their feedback on a Course. They are a tool to identify where your Course is successful and where there are opportunities for improvement. Absorb LMS offers a wide range of options to customize the evaluations and how they are delivered. This means that you are able to create custom evaluation questions in order to target feedback on whatever is most important for your organization. The benefit of Course Evaluations compared to the feature Course Ratings is that you can receive comprehensive feedback.

In this guide, you will learn how to set up an evaluation and change the evaluation questions. For information on the reporting options for this feature, please visit the Course Evaluations Report article.

Note: Course Evaluations are not an option in Curricula or Course Bundles. 


Be aware that disabling OR modifying the content of a Course Evaluation after its original enablement will result in the data previously collected being deleted and unavailable in reports going forward.

  • Re-enabling the Course Evaluation does not recover lost data.
  • A warning message will display if an Admin attempts to disable a Course Evaluation that contains responses.
  • Please contact your Client Success Manager or Account Manager if you need to recover this data.

Evaluations can only be taken once by a Learner. Any time the evaluation is opened again by the Learner, their previous answer(s) will remain, and they will not be able to change them.


Setting up a Course Evaluation

Setting up a Course Evaluation

Course Evaluations can be configured by navigating to the Courses administration page, selecting an existing Course to Edit, or select Add from the Action menu. Navigate to the Attributes section of the Course Management page, and toggle on Enable Course Evaluations. Once toggled on, you will be presented with the following options: 

  • Evaluation Required: When enabled, users will not achieve completion in the course until they have submitted the evaluation
  • Evaluation Can be Taken at Any Time: When enabled, users will be able to take the evaluation at any time. When disabled, the evaluation will be locked until all other lessons have been completed.
  • Questions: This is where you'll edit the questions to be asked during the evaluation. Each question's response can be set as Rating (out of 5 stars) or Text. Every course comes pre-loaded with your default evaluation questions for your portal (which we have also pre-filled for you with 9 popular questions). Questions can be edited, deleted, or re-arranged (drag and drop), and additional questions can be added at the bottom. 

Enable Course Evaluation.gif


Editing Default Evaluation Questions

Editing Default Evaluation Questions

If you would like to change the default set of questions populated in every new evaluation, you can access these in Portal Settings > Default Evaluation. In here you will have a similar set of options to the ones in Edit Course menu. You will require System Admin permissions in order to access the Portal Settings menu.

The benefit of editing these questions is that you can create a consistent set of questions tailored to your organization's needs. This will also simplify the Course Evaluation creation process because you can select "Use Default Questions" instead of adding individual questions each time.

Edit Course Eval Defaults.png

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