Absorb's automatic enrollment functionality allows you to automate the process of enrolling users in your courses using a series of availability rules. Only users that satisfy these rules will be enrolled in the course automatically (enrollment by other means is still very much possible though). The use for such functionality is two-fold: it simultaneously serves as a great way to bulk enroll a larger number of users that all meet the rules' criteria, as well as to automatically enroll new users moving forward. As long as automatic enrollment is enabled, any new users that meet the criteria will be enrolled.

How to set Automatic Enrollment

To set-up Automatic Rules for a course you simply start by creating a course and navigating to the AVAILABILITY tab at the top of the page, and toggling the ALLOW AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT switch to ON. Once enabled, you will be presented with Absorb's availability rules to refine exactly who should be enrolled in this course. More information on how to set up these rules can be found in our separate guide on the subject.  

It is important to note that these rules should be selected very carefully to avoid the risk of accidentally enrolling the wrong users. It is also important to remember that as long as an automatic enrollment rule is in place it will affect any new users that fit into its rules.

Automatic Re-enrollment

It is also possible to combine automatic enrollment with re-enrollment if you would like to automatically re-enroll your users after a certain amount of time has elapsed. This is especially useful in compliance training where certification must be renewed annually or in other regular intervals. Re-enrollment on its own can be triggered a couple of different ways (such as by an admin or by a learner in the catalog, if enabled for the course), but when used in tandem with automatic enrollment this can be automated as well.  

    1. Configure your course for AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT as described above.
    2. Navigate to the COMPLETION tab in your course and scroll down to the ALLOW RE-ENROLLMENT toggle and switch this to ON. You will then see the settings for re-enrollment: 
    3. Here you can select whether you would like re-enrollment to occur after a certain amount of time after the course is completed or to occur a certain amount of time before a certificate expires. You can then determine at what time the re-enrollment will occur using the Years, Months and Days fields. Under normal circumstances this re-enrollment period defines when re-enrollment will be made available to the learner, and they can re-enroll themselves anytime thereafter, but when used with automatic enrollment this will define the exact date at which the learner will automatically be re-enrolled.
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