This article contains information applicable to the refreshed Admin Experience (AE) and previous versions of the Absorb LMS product.


The Certificate provides the User a way to view and print a document displaying the details of the User's Course Completion. The Certificate will display to the User in their transcript or from the Course Details. You can have one (1) Default Certificate uploaded in the Portal Settings > Defaults > Default Certificate URL field or you can upload different Certificates directly into the Course,  Edit Courses > Completion > Certificate.  

In this article, we will discuss how you can configure your Certificate in order to be compatible with Absorb and so that you can have dynamic fields included in the Certificate. 

Absorb LMS uses the Portable Document Format (PDF) for its certificates. In order to configure your Certificate, you will need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF form editor. During implementation, the Absorb Design Team can create your Certificate(s) for you. Outside implementation, the Design Team can assist in making small changes to the designed certificates should you need them.


Step Details
1. You will first start with creating the design and layout of your certificate. You can create the initial design in a variety of programs (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.), as long as the size remains 8.5 x 11 inches (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm). Be sure to leave room for the dynamic fields that are populated by the LMS (i.e. course name, learner name, etc.). 
2. Save your certificate design as a PDF.

To add the dynamic fields, open your new PDF in the Adobe Acrobat PDF writer. 

Note: If you would like to use our Absorb Certificate example as your template or to copy the dynamic fields, you can download the General Absorb Certificate here.

4. From the Files menu, select Create Form. You will then land on the Prepared Form tool to begin adding your dynamic fields. 

Copy the dynamic field name from the left column within the Absorb Custom Certificates Client Info.pdf (use the Crtl + C option on your keyboard as a best practice).  Select Add a Text Field from the Prepare Form menu. You will be presented with a new blue text box on your PDF. Place this text box in the section of your Certificate the field will need to display. A popup modal will display within the new Text Field, allowing you to paste the dynamic field you have already copied, into the Field Name (use the Crtl + V option on your keyboard as a best practice). 

Continue adding as many fields as needed on your certificate. 


Select Close to get out of the Prepared Form and then Save your PDF. You can now use this PDF as your Certificate in your LMS.


Important Field Information

Custom Fields

Absorb LMS allows users to set up their own custom user fields to populate with custom user data. The data in these fields can also be passed to your PDF certificate using the following form field:


Where FieldNameNoSpaces will be the name that you have entered into Portal Settings > Custom Field (with the spaces within the Custom Field name stripped out of the form field).

Note: If changes are made in the LMS to that custom field name, your certificates will need to be updated to reflect them.

Date Format

Please note that the date format that appears on certificates will match the format determined in Portal Settings > Defaults in the Report Date Format field. You can select from YYYY-MM-DD, DD/MM/YYYY, or MM/DD/YYYY from the drop-down. This will also update the date format within your reports, so please be sure you are comfortable with your changes prior to saving the new format.


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