Advanced Text Formatting with Absorb's HTML Editor


Several text fields in Absorb LMS allow for advanced text formatting by editing their HTML source directly. This includes things like message templates, course descriptions, etc. Using inline styles you are able to change the color, font, size and alignment of your text among other things. It is important to note that while admins have access to majority of the HTML in each message template, more advanced editing such as adding external CSS stylesheets, JavaScript, and other customization which requires access to the full body are not available here.

Using the HTML Editor:

Using message templates as an example, when editing your templates you will see this tool bar at the top of the text editor: 

The second icon from the right, , allows you to edit the message's HTML source. When you click this button the template you will see the following:

In the HTML editor you have the ability to input inline HTML styles to format things like fonts, font color, size, etc. As you can see from the template shown above, a number of inline styles have been applied in order to utilize different fonts, colours, formatting, and images. For more information about inline styles, we have found to be a fantastic resource.

Please see the List of Allowed HTML Tags below, in order to see what tags are acceptable in your HTML. 

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