Global Vs. Course Resources



Resources are a way to offer supplementary content to your learners outside of the traditional course lesson format. You can upload resources in two different ways, depending on how (and to who) you'd like them offered.  

Course Resources 

Course resources can be added in the "Resources" tab in any online course, instructor led course, or curriculum. These resources will be displayed on the left-hand side of the course page in the learner interface, and will ONLY be available to learners that have been enrolled in the course.  

Global Resources 

Global resources can be added in the "Global Resources" report. These resources will be displayed in your learner interface's "Resources" page, accessed via optional dashboard or menu elements. These resources are also searchable in the learner interface. By default, Global Resources will be visible to all logged in users in your LMS, but availability rules can also be set up to filter on many different learner fields to include/exclude certain groups of users from seeing them.
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