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Using Documents Or External Websites As Lessons

Using the OBJECT learning object type, you have the ability to link to documents (a wide range of document types including text, images, PDFs, etc.) or external websites for your lessons. These learning objects will display your content either right in your course page or alternatively in a pop-up (required for some websites).

While there is some potential content overlap with course resources, objects allow your to set up this content to be mandatory for completion of the course, and offer many of the tracking and reporting features not available for resources. An important thing to note with objects is that it is not possible to track learners' progress through the actual content included, so completion for these lessons is marked when a user first launches them. 

Adding an Object 

1. Add or edit a course and navigate to the SYLLABUS tab 
2. Add a new learning object and choose the OBJECT type 


3. Enter a name and description for your object
4. Either choose a file from your file directory or paste a link to a public facing website or other web asset into the SOURCE field


When to Use a Popup 

There is an option to USE POPUP. This will simply toggle between launching the object directly in your course window or launching it in a new popup window. The latter may be necessary in the case of some websites for 1 of 2 reasons: 

  1. The website you are linking to does not have a secure (https://) URL matching that of your Absorb learner interface. In this case you could either look for an https:// version of the link or launch it in a popup window to get around this restriction. 
  2. The website you are linking to has been built to prevent playback in an iframe (which is what we use to play the content in your course page). In this scenario the page will only work in a popup window.
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