Competency levels can be awarded on an increasing scale of level 1 up to a possible level of 10. This allows you to award multiple and increasing levels of the same Competency that reflect your users' strengths and accomplishments as they progress through your Courses.  

Setting up the Levels:

All competencies will default to level 1 when being assigned. If you wish to offer more levels, please reach out to your CSM, Onboarding Specialist, or Account Manager requesting this, and we would be happy to enable multiple levels up to a maximum of 10. 


Competency levels allow you to control and direct how your users enroll into, and proceed through, their courses.  Competency levels are awarded in a progressive, consecutive manner and so Learners must achieve earlier levels before they can complete higher levels.  

For example, a user with a level 3 Competency will be able to take any course that lists levels 1-3 of that competency as a prerequisite, but they will not be able to enroll into any course that lists a competency requirement of level 4 or higher. 

It is important to note that if a learner is assigned a higher level competency, the LMS will automatically treat them as if they have received earlier level competencies.  For example, learners assigned with a level 3 competency will be treated as if they have completed levels 1 and 2 and they will be included in courses that are available only to those who have achieved levels 1 and 2. 

Assigning Competencies to a Course or User:

When assigning competencies to either a course or user you have the ability to assign that competency the level that it will have when said competency is awarded/assigned:


When a learner has a level 1 competency and then earns or is assigned a level 2 of that same competency,  the level 1 is replaced with the level 2;  the learner will not have a level 1 AND 2 listed for the same competency.


It is possible for a user to earn many different levels of the same competency, however, only the highest level competency earned will appear on that user's Learner Transcript when viewed from the learner and administrator interface.

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