Competency Levels


We have introduced the concept of Competency levels awarded on a increasing scale of level 1 up to a possible level of 10. This will allow you to award multiple and increasing levels of the same Competency that will better reflect your users' strengths and accomplishments as they progress through your Courses.  

Setting up the Levels:

All competencies will default to level 1 when being assigned. If you wish to offer more levels, please submit a support ticket requesting this and we would be happy to enable multiple levels up to a maximum of 10. In the near future we will also be opening the feature up to system admins to setup their own maximum number of levels. 


Prerequisites and Competencies still work much the same as they always have, however with the introduction of Competency levels you now have further control and a better ability to direct how your users enroll into, and proceed through, their courses. For example, a user with a level 3 Competency will be able to take any course that lists levels 1-3 of that competency as a prerequisite, but they will not be able to enroll into any course that lists a competency requirement of level 4 or higher. Note that each level of a potential competency is not inclusive of the levels below, where a user that has earned a level 3 competency is not automatically awarded levels 1 and 2 for the same competency. 

Assigning Competencies to a Course or User:

The method for assigning competencies to either a course or user remains much the same, except with the added functionality of assigning that competency the level that it will have when said competency is awarded/assigned:




With the inclusion of competency levels, it is now possible for a user to earn many different levels of the same competency, however, only the highest level competency earned will appear on that user's Learner Transcript when viewed from the learner and administrator interface.

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