Report Filter Introduction


Absorb's Learning Management System, presents all of an organization's learning information - using a familiar and intuitive tabular, Report-style framework.

Through the use of this interface system Admins can view, share, update, manipulate, output and act upon any and all of their Absorb data, on both an individual and collective basis, for any of their learning program material residing in the LMS.

This particular topic does not seek to focus on any one single Absorb Report or tool per se, but instead deals with the overall mechanics of the program's Report interface, as a central apparatus for working with all Reports, employed in every single area of the LMS.

Click here to learn more about Report Design including:

  • Design Considerations
  • Data Value Types
  • Filter Option Types
  • Filter Creation
  • Filter Conditions

Click here to learn more about Report Filters including:

  • Filter Options
  • Actions
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