Re-enrollment & Re-certification


Re-enrollment and re-certification are options within your course that enable users that have previously completed a course to take a fresh attempt through it. This is useful for purposes such as annual compliance training or any other certification that must be renewed in regular intervals. This guide will expand on the two concepts, and explain how to perform them from both the admin and learner interfaces.


Re-enrollment can be found under the Completion tab when editing a course, you will see an option to Allow Re-enrollment. When this toggle is turned ON, you will be presented with the option to choose when a learner is able to re-enroll themselves in the course. This can be set to either a certain length of time after their course completion date, or a certain length of time before their course certificate expires (see below for more information on re-certification). 

To re-enroll a learner from the admin interface:

  1. Go to either the Course > Enrollments or User > Enrollments report and select a course enrollment
  2. In the right hand sidebar, you will now have the option to Re-enroll them in the course. Note: as an admin, this option will always be available to you regardless of re-enrollment settings at the course level.


To re-enroll in a course from the learner interface:

  1. Go to the Course Catalog, and click on Launch for the Course you wish to re-enroll in.
  2. If you are within the re-enrollment period (i.e. enough time has elapsed after completion or you're within the number of days before certificate expiry), you will see the option to Re-enroll underneath the lesson progress status. re-enroll2.png

Historic Enrollments

When a user is re-enrolled in a course, all of their lesson progress will be reset; it will effectively simulate a new enrollment. However, their previous enrollments will be archived and the LMS will retain the all of the reporting data from these historic enrollments. Historic enrollments are the enrollments in a course that pre-date the most recent (i.e "active") enrollment. These historic enrollments can be managed by selecting any active enrollment in either the User > Enrollments, Course > Enrollments, or Course Activity reports. From the Historic Enrollments report you will be able to edit each enrollment to achieve further reporting on that instance. Historic enrollments will also be listed in the admin-side Learner Transcript.


If you want to allow users to be re-certified for a course that they re-enroll in, the course certificate must have an expiry date. Once this is in place, you can then allow re-certification by selecting the Time before certificate expires setting, as shown here:


Automatic Re-enrollment


In the above image, you will notice the optional toggle labelled Re-enroll Automatically. When switched to ON, this toggle will re-enroll your learners as soon as they reach the re-enrollment period you have configured, rather than merely giving them the option to re-enroll from the Learner Interface. It should be noted that this option cannot be used with eCommerce.

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