Learning Object: Tasks



Task-type learning objects, are used to instruct a learner to perform simple tasks outside of the LMS  and may often be used in tandem with other features such as the Uploads option, or with work that may be physically provided to an admin outside the LMS.


Using tasks


Tasks are most often used to manage tasks that are to be performed outside of the LMS, but that you still want to track completion of in the LMS. The NAME and DESCRIPTION of the learning object will be used to communicate to your learners the actual task to be completed. When launched by a learner, tasks will remain locked in the Not Started status until manually graded or otherwise reviewed by an administrator in the TASKS report.  

  • ALLOW NOTIFICATION: This option can be enabled to notify administrators when a learner has confirmed that their task is ready to be reviewed. The notification that is to be sent to the Administrators (Who have User management rights over the learner) , Supervisors, the Course Editor, or Other (Selecting specific Admins) and  can be configured on the Messages tab of the task.



From the learner side, tasks offer the most basic interaction end-user experience. When launching this lesson, they will be presented with your description of the task to be completed. Closing the task will trigger a notification to the administrator (if enabled for the task). And the Admin will be able to mark the task as complete via the Tasks Report.





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