What Languages Does Absorb Support?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Learner Interface

Absorb's learner interface features extensive translations for many major languages. Extensive customization options are also at your fingertips via Translations in the admin interface; virtually every element in the learner interface can be translated to taste!

Language Language (EN) Code
English English (EN)
Français French (FR)
Español Spanish (ES)
日本語 Japanese (JA)
العربية Arabic* (AR)
简体中文 Chinese (Simplified) (ZH)
繁體中文 Chinese (Traditional) (ZHT)
Italiano Italian (IT)
Deutsch German (DE)
Nederlands Dutch (NL)
Polski Polish (PL)
Português Portuguese (PT)
Pусский Russian (RU)
Türkçe Turkish (TR)
ภาษาไทย Thai (TH)
한국어 Korean (KO)
Việt Vietnamese (VI)
монгол Mongolian (MN)
Svenska Swedish (SV)
Čeština Czech (CS)
Suomi Finnish (FI)
עברית Hebrew* (HE)
Ελληνικά Greek (EL)
Dansk Danish (DA)
Norsk Norwegian (NO)

*Right to left Arabic/Hebrew is not currently supported in Absorb LMS

Admin Interface

Absorb's admin interface now supports select language translations! We will continue to add other major languages in the future.

Language Language (EN) Code
English English (EN)
Français French (FR)


German (DE)
Español Spanish (ES)
简体中文 Simplified Chinese (ZH)
Italiano Italian (IT)
Polski Polish (PL)
Русский Russian (RU)


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