How Do I Hide Courses From Certain Admins?


Absorb has a couple of options that allow you to handle course visibility for admins, depending on what kind of accessibility you want an admin to have. First, you can hide all courses from them via the use of permissions, or you can hide specific courses by changing the department or editor assigned to the course.

Course-Related Role Permissions

The first option is fairly straightforward. If you want to hide all courses from the user, system admins can use the admin interface to create a role that prevents access to Absorb's Courses report:

  1. Open up the Users sidebar, and select ROLES
  2. In the Roles report, select ADD ROLE. If you wish to copy an existing role, select it and then select DUPLICATE
  3. In the Permissions report, simply uncheck all of the VIEW and MODIFY items under Courses.
  4. Save the role, and assign it to the admin as you would any other Role.

Please note that certain role permissiones do have dependencies on these course permissions. For example, the Course Activity report requires access to Online Courses to select a course to report on via the mandatory filter in that report.

Course Editors & Admin Visibility Department

Absorb offers a couple of additional options which allow you to configure display options for individual courses:

  1. When editing a course, select the AVAILABILITY tab
  2. Scroll down to the very bottom, to the ADMINISTRATORS section

In the Administrators section, you have two options:

  • EDITORS: The admins selected here will be the only ones able to edit the course. However, other admins will still be able to modify enrollments and view reports related to this course. This field will be blank by default, which will allow all admins with the MODIFY COURSES permissions (in their admin role) to edit the course.
  • ADMIN VISIBILITY DEPARTMENT: This allows you to choose a single department that will be able to view this course. When selected, admins that do not have user management access to this department will not see this course in the Courses report or any other areas that list courses in your portal.
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