What Happened To Manage Administrators?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

One key difference migrated clients moving from Absorb 4 to Absorb 5 may notice is lack of a MANAGE ADMINISTRATORS report. Instead, admins and learners have been combined into a single user account.

Administrators can be viewed and edited from the same report as regular users, the USERS report. If you want to only view admin accounts, you can set up a filter for that:

  1. Go to the USERS menu, and select the USERS report.
  2. Click on ADD FILTER.
  3. Click on the first box, and scroll down to select IS ADMIN
  4. Select YES and then click on ADD FILTER.

You will now only see users which have an admin role, allowing you to keep track of and edit them much like the Manage Administrators report from Absorb 4!


In order to manage administrators, you can edit them much like a learner:

  1. Go to the USERS menu, and select the user you want to manage.
  2. Click on EDIT USER.
  3. Go to the ACCOUNT tab to access the Admin settings.

From here you can enable the Instructor or Admin roles. Our Admin user management guide goes into detail about the various options and settings you can configure on this page.

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