How Do I Message All Users Enrolled In A Course?


As you work in the LMS it may be necessary to message users enrolled in a specific course, whether notifying them of updates, or simply communicating with your users. In Absorb, you can use the built-in messaging functionality to communicate and send messages as you wish, and through the Course Activity report you can send messages to only those specifically enrolled in a course. 

First, start by navigating to the COURSE ACTIVITY report found under the REPORTS tab. At the bottom of the list that displays users, select how many users you want displayed per page. Selecting the maximum amount available (1000) will allow you to select as many users as possible for each message that is sent

Next, by selecting the square icon at the top of the page under the ADD FILTER button, the drop down menu will give you the option to SELECT THIS PAGE:

 Using this method you can message up to 1000 users at a time, allowing you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your users via the MESSAGE USERS button located on the left hand menu bar:


The message users page contains the standard functionality available to other emails being sent from Absorb, allowing you the ability to fully customize and format your messages as necessary while keeping your users updated.

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