Why Can't I Delete A Department?


Absorb relies on the functionality and organization of departments in several areas of the LMS such as the various availability rules in the LMS. Implications can arise when deleting departments that are also still being used in these rules, requiring intelligent intervention by an administrator.

For example, what happens in a scenario where a course has only been made available for self-enrollment to a particular department? Perhaps this course contains sensitive material and must not be made available to anyone outside of that department. When making the choice to delete that department, it wouldn't be feasible to remove the (potential) single availability rule in that course, as this would then leave the course open for self-enrollment to all users in the portal. The idea here is that before deleting a department, administrators will need to make an intelligent decision about how to handle any availability rules that were relying on that department.

At the moment, the following scenarios will prevent a department from being deleted:

  1. The department still contains active or inactive learners
  2. The department is still a parent to other sub-departments (with or without learners in them)
  3. There are still department administrators that have oversight over the department. This applies to user management "IS ONLY" the department. Admins having oversight of parent departments above it (AND SUB-DEPARTMENTS OF) will not be an issue.
  4. The department is still in use in at least one availability rule, including things like self or auto-enrollment availability, automatic inclusion into groups, availability of Absorb Engage content like billboards, news, polls, contests, etc.
  5. The department contains one or more locations under the Field Values tabs. Deleting all locations, and then saving the department after this change, will allow the department to be deleted.

If you are unable to delete a department, you will receive an error message similar to the one below. This error message will indicate anything that's preventing the department from being deleted.

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