What Mass Actions Are Supported?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Some admin actions can be applied to multiple records at once, which helps to save time and cut down on repetitive tasks that admins may find themselves dealing with. Like other parts of the LMS, the actions available are context sensitive, and differ depending on the type of record the admin is working with.


Dealing With Large Data Sets

Many of the seemingly large and time-consuming tasks are actually quite pain-free when combining mass actions with Absorb's extensive report filtering options. Absorb supports mass actions on up to 1000 records at a time, which is the maximum number you can select when setting you report page size to 1000 and using the SELECT ALL function in the top-left. As an example, let's say you have a need to mark all 5,000 users in a particular department as inactive. You may be familiar with the process of editing an individual user and switching their ACTIVE toggle to INACTIVE, but that's not going to be realistic here:


  1. Instead, you could filter the USERS report by that particular department to reduce it down to just the 5,000 users you're working with. 
  2. Next expand your report's page size to 1000
  3. In the top-left of the report grid, choose the SELECT ALL button (just underneath the GENERATE REPORT option)
  4. You'll now notice a DEACTIVATE USERS option in the sidebar, which will process all 1000 select users on the first page
The idea here would be to go through each page processing 1000 records at a time. 5,000 users / 1000 users per page = 5 pages. At only a few seconds per task, you could have this done in a matter of minutes!


The Mass Action Menu

Whenever you have selected multiple items in a report, the MASS ACTION menu becomes active. Clicking on this menu will reveal the options available to you while you have multiple items selected. At the same time, the right hand context menu will change to reflect this, giving you two different means of accessing these actions. Like other menus in the LMS, this menu is context sensitive. The options you have available will change depending on the type of content you are selecting. Users have different mass actions compared to departments or groups, and courses have different mass actions available as well.

As an example, with the USERS report you can use this menu to mass enroll learners into a course, or organize them into a different department or group. You can also send them a mass message to let them know once you have finished moving them!


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