Browsers Supported by Absorb


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

As Absorb is capable of being displayed on a multitude of devices we do not have any specific system requirements. Our learner interface runs great on screens of all sizes (desktop / tablet / mobile phones), but we recommend that you limit your use of the admin interface to desktops or tablets. Here is a list of officially supported browsers compatible with Absorb LMS: 

  Chrome (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile) 
  Internet Explorer 9** / 10 / 11 (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile) 
 Microsoft Edge
  Firefox (Desktop) 
  Safari (Mac / iPad / iPhone) 
  Android (Tablet / Mobile)    
With the exception of Internet Explorer, only the most recent versions of each browser will be officially supported by Absorb LMS. 
**Support for IE 9 is limited in the admin interface (the learner interface is fully supported)
Keep in mind that your individual course content may have additional requirements above and beyond the browser. E.g., if you are still using Flash based courses in the learner interface then learners will need to have Flash installed. Please note that Flash support will be discontinued by all major browsers, and Adobe, by the end of 2020.
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