What's New In Absorb?


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

We've been working on Absorb now for some time, and we thought you'd like to see some of the new features and functionality we've included in it.

  • Courses
    • Course access can now be controlled by department and/or specific admins (Course Ownership)
    • Course duration tracking and assessment reporting has been significantly improved
    • Courses can be failed!
    • ILC sessions can recur at different days/times
    • Re-enrollment has been overhauled and improved
    • Courses now support comments
    • Many course settings have been moved to lessons in order to facilitate the combining of different lesson types
    • ILC sessions can have multiple instructors
    • Courses support versioning
    • ILC waitlists can be viewed and managed
    • The default template for course evaluations can be easily managed
    • Absorb exams have tons of new functionality including: exam and question weighting, feedback ranges, 
    • Pre-requisites and post-enrollments have a new group structure to simplify complicated learning paths
  • eCommerce
    • Multiple currency support has been added
    • Taxation support has been added
    • Department variable pricing has been improved and streamlined
  • Users
    • Admins and learners can now be a single user, which allows for easy switching between the two interfaces
    • Groups can be used to organize users in parallel to the regular department structure
    • Mass actions have been added for various user activities, including department switching, deletion, activation, etc.
    • Admins can now manage multiple departments
  • Admin UI
    • The admin interface has been redesigned in HTML5, allowing it to run on mobile devices
    • The admin interface can be translated into multiple languages
    • Admin dashboards have been vastly improved and offer new shortcuts to speed up your workflow
    • Reports can now be shared with other admins within the LMS
  • General
    • The overall performance and scalability of the LMS has been significantly improved
    • Security has also been improved across the board
    • Custom fields support drop down options that can be customized
    • Custom fields support data validation by enforcing input restrictions
    • Auditing has been added throughout the system
    • You can have multiple top level administrators; no more sharing accounts!
    • Competencies have been introduced for tracking and reporting on skills
    • Competencies can also be used to grant badges
    • Resources can be organized into categories just like courses
    • All emails can now be customized

If you're wondering about the items highlighted in blue, those are all items that have been developed based on your feedback!

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