What are Inactive Users?


The default Users Report in Absorb LMS will only display active users. While this is the information that is most useful to many clients, there are admins that need to see the entire list of users in this report.  Some Admins also may need to find inactive users in order to make them active again. In order to find inactive users, we have to filter the users report by STATUS EQUALS INACTIVE:

At this point, you may select a user and click the Edit User Button in order to reactivate a user. 

If we want to display all users (both active and inactive) we can also add the filter STATUS EQUALS ACTIVE:

Lastly we can save this filter by clicking the report button at the top and selecting CREATE NEW:

 If we want to make this layout our default we can do so by checking the star.  Now we have made that all our users are accounted for every time we visit the Users Report.


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