How Do I Find A Lesson ID?


While finding a course, session or resource ID is a fairly simple process that can be done from within the administrator interface via various reports, there is currently no functionality to view the lesson ID for lessons contained within a course. However, via some technical know-how, and the built-in dev. console found in your browser, you can find this ID for each lesson as necessary. This is particularly useful for a specific deep link outlined in our deep linking guide that will allow you to automatically launch a lesson for an enrolled user. 

First, you will need to have a user that is enrolled in the course that contains the lesson that you wish to find the ID for, as this method requires logging in via the learner interface, and accessing the appropriate lesson. Next, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the course in question in your learner interface
  2. Once on the course page, open your developer tools interface (F12 in Chrome will bring them up). You'll want to make sure you open this from the Absorb tab/window so you're monitoring the correct activity.
  3. Go to the NETWORK tab and clear out all of the data if there is any. You can do this by clicking the "clear" icon (Circle with the slash through it).
  4. Back in the Absorb window, launch the lesson. Don't do anything else.
  5. In the dev tools NETWORK tab, you'll be looking for something similar to what you see below. You will need to click on the various network requests (ensuring that you are also in "Preview") until you find information similar to what is seen below. The call and will contain two bits of info, "courseId=" and "id=". These correspond to the courseId and the lessonId.Image.png
  6. Highlight the desired entry and Copy it (excluding the quotation marks).
  7. Paste the courseId and id values into their corresponding place on the lesson launching deep link.

The valid format for using a deep link that takes the user directly to a lesson is: 

Of course, this link will also rely on an active session (user is logged in) and valid enrollment in the course.

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