Can I Customize Message Templates Per Department?


It is not currently possible in Absorb LMS to have the wording in individual message templates custom tailored for specific departments. However, all message templates allow you to add template variables that will automatically populate LMS, learner, or course information relevant to the learner receiving the message. Four of these variables will actually populate custom contact information for the recipient's department, if you've added any.

Custom department info can be configured by editing any department and enabling the USE DEPARTMENT CONTACT DETAILS toggle. The details entered here will be populated into the following three variables for any users in that department only. Users in other departments will either use their own department's contact details, or if no custom contact details exist Sub-departments will inherit contact details from their parent department.

  • {{CompanyName}}
  • {{CompanyEmail}}
  • {{CompanyPhone}}

Similar functionality exists for the {{LmsLink}} variable that populates your portal's URL. If you have additional routes (access URLs) to your learner interface, these can be tied to specific departments. This is all configured by Absorb staff at the moment, but once you have custom department-based routes set up for your portal, the {{LmsLink}} variable will look at the user's department first to see if there is a route for it. If the user's department does not have one, the portal default route will be used for this variable.

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