How to Use the Password Reset Function?


The password reset functionality offers two different options:

Triggering A Password Reset Email

The primary method of resetting a user's password is to have them reset it themselves. This can be done using the RESET PASSWORD button found when selecting 1 or more users in the Users report.

This will bring you to the Reset Password menu, which allows you to select what kind of email you are sending to the selected user(s). Two templates are available, the standard Password Reset email, and the New User email. An admin also has the ability to customize the messages being sent, similar to a regular message template with form fields and formatting. Once the admin clicks SEND, the LMS will send an email to each of the selected users with a unique link (per user) to reset their password. 

Emails sent using the Password Reset template are valid for 24 hours, while the links generated in the New User email are valid for seven days.


Manual Reset

If emailing the password reset link to the learner is not an option, Admins have the ability to manually reset passwords. If an admin wants to manually reset the password to an account, they can access this option by selecting a user and choosing EDIT USER. This page is similar to the ADD NEW USER option, however there are two new fields available for administrators;


Filling out the Temporary Password fields will cause the user's password to be changed once the admin clicks on SAVE. In order to save successfully, the temporary password must meet the password requirements for the portal. Once saved, the user will be able to log in using this temporary password. However, upon successful login, the user will immediately be asked to again reset their password to ensure the utmost security of their account.

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